You’re dreaming of that fabulous new car you want to buy…but then you remember you have to sell your old car first. Do you even know where to start? When it comes to selling your car, you have more choices than ever, so it can get a bit overwhelming or confusing. Do you even know where to sell your car? There are essentially three main ways to sell your car, and each category has its pros and cons. We break it down so you can decide which way works best for you.

Option 1: Sell It Privately

There was once a time when this was the only way to sell your car! And it is still likely the way to get the most money for your vehicle. The good news is that car owners now have many more options for selling their car privately. You can try the tried and true Autotrader or one of the many other similar websites. You can also list your car for sale on Craigslist, eBay, and even Facebook Marketplace. While selling privately should get you the most money, it also requires the most time and effort on your part.  

Option 2: Sell It to a Dealership or Company

This category has gotten a little crazy in the last several years. It used to be that you could sell your car to a dealership (sell, not trade in) and that was it. Now, that’s only one option. CarMax has been around the longest of all the major companies that buy cars, and it’s an excellent choice. The site’s reputable and often offers higher prices than dealers. However, check out Carvana as another great option, or even the instant cash offer options from Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book, and Finally, there are also companies to consider like who will come to you, make an offer, and tow your car away if you agree to sell! Talk about hassle free!

Option 3: Trade It In

I know I’ve done this, and so have many of you. We all know we’re likely getting the least amount of money for our car when we trade it in, but it’s JUST. SO. EASY. Plus, the trade in value is your down payment on your new car! Sometimes, it may be worth getting less money for your car to save you the time and stress of trying to sell your car and/or find the money for a down payment. We get it. Just know that you can also use your trade-in as part of the bargaining process. When the salesperson has exhausted all other incentives and discounts on the car you’re buying, talk to them about giving you more for your trade-in. On our last car purchase, my husband got the dealership to give us the private party value for my old car in order to close the deal!

Make Selling Your Car Simple

Now that you know where to sell your car, do you have everything ready to make selling your car as easy as possible? For example, do you have an extended vehicle warranty? Yes, this matters when you’re selling your car. It can actually make the process easier! Most extended vehicle warranties or vehicle protection plans have maintenance requirements, which means your car is in good shape to sell! We all know that people prefer to buy cars that look good and run well. Even more importantly, it’s quite possible that your extended vehicle warranty or vehicle protection plans from independent providers will transfer to the new owner! This would be especially beneficial if you sell your car privately because the extended protection is an added benefit.  

It’s also okay if you don’t have extended protection on the car you’re selling. You will still be able to sell your car. But I recommend you look into an extended vehicle warranty or vehicle protection plan for your new vehicle. Did you know that you might get back the cost of a vehicle protection plan with a one big repair bill?

To learn more, research the available options for extended protection. autopom! would appreciate the opportunity to give you more information on vehicle protection plans, as well as a free quote. Contact us today!