Seeking to get coverage for your Volkswagen? If you bought your VW new, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for good measure in case the vehicle’s parts were made flawed. These factory warranties will last four to six years off the lot, as the vehicle should run perfectly the first few years of life. The most comprehensive 2020 VW factory warranty was reduced from 6 to 4 years of coverage. As per, VW factory warranties are not renewable and are written to ensure they only cover manufacturer’s faults, so they are not renewable and many restrictions apply.

If you’ve done your research and realized your manufacturer’s warranty is not providing you the coverage you want, it’s expired, or you bought your VW used with no warranty transfer, don’t worry, your options for vehicle coverage doesn’t stop here. Thankfully, there is a Volkswagen Extended Warranty that will provide you just as great or even more coverage than a manufacturer’s warranty, but even better, you can extend the coverage for however long you’d like.

This article will go into depth about whether a Volkswagen Extended Warranty is worth it, what it covers, what it doesn’t cover, how much it is, tips for buying a VW vehicle protection plan, differences between dealership vs. third-party warranties, and FAQ.

Is Volkswagen Extended Warranty Worth it?

Even when you are doing the recommended maintenance on your Volkswagen, to put it simply, things eventually break down. These breakdowns may occur at the most random times where you just cannot commit to it financially. Overtime, as your vehicle goes through wear and tear, the chances of a faulty situation will be more likely. This is why a Volkswagen extended warranty will be more worth your money down the road versus when the car was just fresh with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Cars are not cheap. Maintaining your Volkswagen can get even more expensive, especially with unexpected repairs. A Volkswagen extended warranty will take away the sting from these surprise financial hits by providing financial coverage for when it does happen. And if you weren’t born today, you would know it’s just a matter of time when a car part won’t work properly. As per, the average cost for a Volkswagen Touareg Air Injection Replacement costs about $1,100, whereas an oil pressure sensor is $130. The average annual repair cost for all VW models is $676 per year .

How much you save with a VW extended warranty?

There are many incidences where it can save you thousands of dollars. Now as per, one extended warranty member paid $3,899 for the extended warranty company covering more than $9,104 in claims within three and a half years.

Now depending on what coverage you choose, some parts will be excluded from coverage. Based on your lifestyle and driving habits, one type of coverage will favor your situation better than the others. But choosing a coverage that lessens your anxiety, saves your pocket book from surprise financial attacks, and having a plan for worst case scenarios can make purchasing a Volkswagen extended warranty worth it.

What does Volkswagen Extended Warranty Covers

Powertrain Warranty covers the most essential systems of a vehicle:

  • Engine – creates the mechanical energy for the vehicle
  • Transmission – extends the mechanical energy to the wheels
  • Drive axle – handles the driving capabilities of the vehicle

There are different variations of this type of warranty where some may exclude specific components of each system and some may include more systems from the list below. It is important to compare different powertrain warranties and figure out what you are most comfortable with.

Other variations of Volkswagen extended warranties will cover the following:

  • Steering
  • Air conditioning
  • Fuel system
  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Electrical
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Audio
  • Computer

Exclusionary extended warranty is the most comprehensive coverage that’s written to list what is not covered, specifically because the list of what is covered is far longer. You will most likely find this warranty to cover all of the above including what is offered in a powertrain warranty and more.

Other than mechanical coverage, a Volkswagen extended warranty has other provisions:

  • Roadside assistance comprised of lock-out assistance, fuel delivery service, battery jumpstart and flat tire assistance.
  • Towing when your vehicle is inoperable from a situation covered by the extended warranty.
  • Rental perks when your vehicle is unable to be repaired same day.
  • Trip interruption reimbursement for lodging and meals for when your vehicle is kept overnight and you’re over 100 miles away from home.

In between the essential powertrain extended warranty and Exclusionary extended warranty are many more you can choose from. Depending on where you are obtaining a Volkswagen Extended Warranty, each warranty will present a different set of coverage.

What Volkswagen Extended Warranty Does Not Cover

With each Volkswagen coverage plan comes a list of excluded items. Common exclusions are:

  • Scheduled maintenance items such as oil changes, timing belt replacements, tune-ups.
  • Common wear and tear such as brake pads and windshield wipers
  • Body damage like dents and scratches
  • Corrosion or damage from an accident or environmental factors
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Tires
  • Modifications

How much is Volkswagen Extended Warranty

There are multiple factors that come into play when a Volkswagen extended warranty bill is drafted out. The vehicle type, the condition of the vehicle, coverage and deductible are formulated into the pricing differences. For instance, expect to pay a little more if you have an Arteon and expect less if you have a Jetta. But to get an idea of what numbers you are looking at, for a 6 year 125,000 mile extended warranty plan, the price will range from $2,500 to $4,800+.

Aside from the total price for a VW extended warranty plan, the payment will be broken down between the down payment, and the monthly payment. You may negotiate to lower the down payment but bear in mind if it is not a discount, it may raise your monthly payments.

Don’t disregard the cost per year of coverage as there may be different years of coverage you can choose from. For example, a $3,000 4-year coverage’s total price is lower than a $3,500 6-year coverage, but it isn’t the best deal. With a little math, you will find the 4 year coverage will come out to $750 per year and the 6-year coverage will be $583.

Don’t forget the amount you will have to pay before the warranty will cover anything, the deductible. If your deductible is $200 and your first covered car repair is $900, you will be paying $200 and the warranty company will pay the remaining $700. A VW extended warranty can have a deductible ranging from $50 to $500 (

The numbers can get a little dicey but they are important to understand the relationship between the numbers in a payment plan. Discounts can come if you are purchasing multiple warranties or if you are getting quotes from other companies.

5 Things to Check Before Buying an Extended Warranty for Volkswagen

  1. Other Extended warranty plans. Shop around! Dealerships are not the only place you can buy a Volkswagen Extended Warranty. In fact, you can usually find a better price and coverage from other third-party extended warranty companies.
  2. There is a free cancellation 100% money-back guarantee for 30 or 60 days. Diving into anything more than a year of payment commitment is big. Make sure you cover your bases just in case you get cold feet.
  3. What is not covered in the warranty. Make sure you will feel confident with your purchase. The whole point is to take the sting out of surprise mechanical failures with financial coverage.
  4. How coverage is done. Will you have to pay upfront and get reimbursed later? Or does the warranty pay the repair shop directly?
  5. Will you have coverage at a convenient repair shop? Or only at the dealer where you purchased the car and same brand dealerships.

Dealership vs. Third-Party Extended Warranty

Buy a vehicle and warranty all at the same time in the dealership. Conducted separately from vehicle purchase. Commonly over the phone or online. No need to come in to shop
 Higher total cost. Lower total cost
Hidden interest charges. Warranty costs will be included into your overall payment of the vehicle and may include extra charges in this payment setup. No hidden fees
Limited to only the dealership and dealers of the same automaker for repair coverage Choice of local repair shops to choose from
Limited coverage plan options Variety of coverage plan options with flexible pricing and payment options
Limited vehicle restrictions. Your vehicle may not qualify if your mileage is too high Covers most vehicles

FAQ on Volkswagen Extended Warranty

What will void a VW extended warranty contract?
Interior or exterior modifications from factory settings that affect how the vehicle runs will void a contract. Small cosmetic modifications may be fine. Unkept routine maintenance will also void coverage, so be sure to save invoices and receipts.

How long does a Volkswagen extended warranty last?

Depending on the option you chose, a VW extended warranty can last 3-10 years or 36,000-150,000 miles and can be renewed. A powertrain warranty can last 60 months or 60,000 miles.

What factors affect the price of a VW extended warranty?

There is no universal formula as most companies have their own method in drafting a price. But common contributing factors include the vehicle’s age, make, model, and mileage; your driving habits, frequency of driving, and location; payment plan’s duration, down payment, and deductible; and the span of what the extended warranty covers.