So your manufacturer’s warranty has expired, or is about to expire…now what? Have you thought about getting an extended vehicle warranty? Or have you assumed getting one is too expensive? Have you  at least wondered what an extended vehicle warranty costs?

First of all, you should definitely consider an extended auto warranty! There are many great reasons to get one and they can be more affordable than you think. Before I go on, do you know the basics of extended protection? An extended vehicle warranty, or a vehicle protection plan, is an extended service contract that pays for certain problems and repairs after the original manufacturer’s warranty expires.

The Average Vehicle Warranty Cost

So how much does an extended vehicle warranty cost? The answer is complicated because the cost depends on many factors, like the make and model of your vehicle, the year and mileage, the level of coverage you choose, and the deductible amount that comes with your plan. Plus, even if all of those factors are the same, different companies will have different prices. However, on average you can expect to pay about $1,500–$4,000. This cost can be paid upfront or through monthly payment plans which are offered by many companies.

If you think about it, this cost is actually more affordable than you realize. Having a plan pay for one expensive repair bill can cover the cost of the extended vehicle warranty! I know from recent personal experience how quickly a bill at the mechanic can add up! I took my car in for a check engine light, and it turned out that several things were wrong. The final bill? Just over $2,000! Imagine if you had a $2,000 repair bill and had to pay for it out of pocket. Now imagine if you had a vehicle protection plan that covered most, if not all, of your $2,000 repair bill. Which sounds better to you?

A Vehicle Protection Plan from autopom!

autopom! is proud to offer competitive rates for many options on excellent coverage. Our plans currently start at $1,488 in California and around $2,500 in other states nationwide. We represent multiple providers and you can choose from a wide variety of coverage levels to fit your needs and budget. autopom! vehicle protection plans also include a lot of great features and benefits that you don’t find with every company – like your choice of repair shops and roadside assistance. And we make getting the protection you need as easy and affordable as possible with no-fee payment plan options!

We invite you to contact autopom! today! We’ll tell you everything you want to know about a vehicle protection plan and get you a free quote!