Suzuki Extended Warranty – Properly Called A Vehicle Protection Plan Sold by autopom!

Suzuki VehicleIs your Suzuki warranty or Suzuki Extended Warranty about to expire? Did you skip the extra protection when you bought your vehicle? This article will attempt to help you answer the question “Do I need to purchase a Suzuki extended warranty or a Vehicle Protection Plan from autopom!

Suzuki History

Headquartered in Japan, Suzuki began selling a small line of lightweight, inexpensive motorcycles in the United States in 1963.

Through a deal with Chevrolet, Suzuki began selling cars in the 1986 model year, setting a first-year sales record for Japanese automakers. Twenty years later in ’06 Suzuki sold over 100,000 vehicles in the U.S. for the first time in the brand’s history. As of 2009, GM no longer has a stake in Suzuki.

Suzuki Warranties

Before considering extended protection, it is important to know the original Suzuki warranty.

Suzuki boasts having America’s #1 Warranty with a transferable 7-year/100K mile powertrain warranty with no deductible.

The Suzuki Extended Protection Plan that Suzuki offers can only be purchased during the original limited warranty. This is an aspect that usually leaves customers looking to a third-party for their extended protection.

You should review the remaining time and mileage on the Suzuki warranty to decide if you should buy extended protection. Remember, Suzuki’s original manufacturer’s warranty will expire whenever time (months) or mileage (whichever comes first) reach the thresholds described above.

For complete Suzuki warranty information see

Suzuki Reliability

Suzuki is slightly in the shadow of the larger Japanese automakers although the brand didn’t have the same head start in the U.S. market. In either case, Suzuki reliability ratings seem to be on the rise and you can expect its loyalty to follow the same suit. For more information see the US Word Report and News.

Here’s what J.D. Power and Associates have to say about Suzuki quality:

  • J.D. Power and Associates rate 2009 model year Suzuki’s as having generally lower powertrain quality than other brands
  • In the body/interior quality category Suzuki rates far above the competition
  • Suzuki jumped from 38th in 2008 to 9th in 2009 in J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Study

Would you like to see the information on your Suzuki’s reliability for yourself? Google your model and year and take a look!  It is a good idea to do this research before you decide if you need extended protection. Certain Suzuki models are known to be unreliable.

Once you determine if you want extended protection, it is best to buy it before your original Suzuki warranty expires. Buying extended protection sooner rather than later will cost you less. You may have fewer options once your Suzuki warranty expires. However, you don’t have to purchase a Suzuki extended warranty – there is another option: Mechanical Breakdown Protection.

Options for Extended Protection

If you would like extended protection for your Suzuki, there are two basic choices:

  • A Suzuki Extended Warranty from a dealership
  • A Vehicle Protection Plan from autopom!

The extended Suzuki warranty is truly only offered by Suzuki and is most likely only available at the dealership. A Vehicle Protection Plan may be purchased from autopom! or another company, or sometimes even a dealership. Both options typically offer comparable coverage but read the actual contract to be sure.

Two of the key differences between these two types of extended protection is the price and that a Vehicle Protection Plan gives you your choice of repair facilities when you need repairs done. The Suzuki extended warranty normally limits coverage of vehicle repairs to those that are done at the dealership or other Suzuki authorized repair facilities. This can limit your options since there is not a large Suzuki dealer network in the United States.

Vehicle Protection Plans often cost less money for similar coverage of an extended warranty from a dealership. However, purchasing a Vehicle Service Contract from a reputable company is very important.

The Suzuki extended warranty can be a good choice but if the price is a concern and/or you need the flexibility of choosing any repair shop you want, then a Vehicle Protection Plan sold by a credible third party like autopom! may be your best choice.

If you decide that mechanical breakdown protection is right for you, keep autopom! in mind.

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