Has your Subaru Forester warranty expired, or will it expire soon? Or did you recently buy a used Subaru Forester? If yes, you may want to replace your expired (or expiring) warranty with a vehicle protection plan or extended warranty.

I know you love your Forester! And I know the Forester has won many awards, including Motor Trend’s SUV of the Year in 2009 and 2014. It is undoubtedly an incredible SUV and can be a smart choice for your vehicle. However, the Forester is still prone to problems, and some of those problems can cost a lot of money to fix. What would you do if your Subaru Forester warranty is expired and it breaks down? Do you have towing coverage? Do you have the money to pay for the repairs? No one likes to think about these questions. If you have extended protection for your Forester, you don’t have to! That leads me to why you want to replace your expiring (or expired) Subaru Forester warranty with a vehicle protection plan or extended warranty.

5 Reasons to Extend Coverage after the Subaru Forester Warranty Expires

  1. You love your Forester. If you love your Forester, you will likely want to keep it for many miles. An extended warranty or vehicle protection plan is crucial to protect it for a long time. Once the original warranty has expired, comprehensive protection will help you take better care of your SUV while the contract is in effect.
  2. Commonly known problems with the Forester. According to repairpal.com, some of the most commonly reported issues with the Forester are a failed catalytic converter, failed front O2 sensor, and head gasket failure. Then, according to carcomplaints.com, excessive oil consumption and blown head gaskets are two of the top reported problems. These are all major Subaru repairs that are usually expensive to fix.
  3. The expense of repairs for Forester.com reports that the average head gasket replacement costs $1,271 to $2,371, and the average clutch replacement costs $817 to $1,550. Carcomplaints.com says the average cost to fix the excessive oil consumption problem is $1,633, and a blown head gasket costs $2,096. Add up even two of these repairs, and you maybe could have paid for a vehicle protection plan or extended warranty!
  4. Peace of mind. Remember those questions I mentioned above about your Forester breaking down? You can stop worrying about them and get automotive peace of mind when you replace your expiring (or expired) Subaru Forester warranty with a vehicle protection plan or extended warranty. You will know things will be taken care of in case of a mechanical breakdown, and you won’t need to worry about an expensive repair bill!
  5. Resale value. Even if you plan to keep your Forester for a long time, things can change, and you will probably sell it at some point. If you decide to sell your Forester while it is still under contract with extended protection, with specific plans (like those from autopom.com you can transfer the agreement to the new owner! This can increase the resale value and help you sell your Forester faster!

The Benefits of autopom!

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