Guest Post by Riley Clark – Selling your car can be stressful; however, there are simple things that you can be doing right now to ensure that it is as painless as possible and that you get the most money out of your vehicle. Following these steps now, no matter how long you have owned your car, will get your car running more smoothly, looking nicer, feeling cleaner, and worth more to you in the long run.

Keep the exterior of the car clean

Washing your car regularly will not only help keep your car looking clean but will also keep any dust or dirt off your vehicle that can accumulate and slowly breakdown the paint and finish on your car. Bad weather and even just the sun beating down on your car can cause the paint on your car to fade. To further combat these problems, you can also give your vehicle a simple wax. Car experts recommend waxing your car once every three months.

Keep up on your maintenance

To keep your car running at its best, and then ultimately still be in the best shape possible when it comes time to sell it, you must keep up with routine maintenance. By doing this, you will reduce future maintenance costs. Any future buyer will see the paperwork of what you have done with the car and know that it has been well taken care of. Though every car is different, it is generally advised that you change the oil every three months or every 3,000 miles driven. Check your transmission fuel as well and keep the battery clean and secured so it doesn’t shake and vibrate. It’s also important to make sure your emission system, brake system, cooling system, and other major components of your car are running smoothly.

Keep the car in the garage

Parking your car in the garage can play a big factor in keeping your car’s resale value high when it comes to selling your car. Keeping your car in the garage protects it from all the elements, such as rain, wind, snow, and hail, that can be very damaging to the outside of your car. The sun’s UV rays can also be very damaging to your car and will deteriorate your paint job over time.

Make sure the interior looks and smells appealing

Throughout the lifetime of your car, it is important to keep the interior of your car clean. Having a grime-free interior will make your car more appealing to buyers. Keep baby wipes in your car so you can clean up any spills as soon as they happen, helping to fight off any potential stains. Try to eat as seldom as possible in your car and if you do have to eat, make sure that it is food that will not stain or easily spill. To keep your car smelling clean, there are many options for different car fresheners. This will also be crucial when actually selling your car because people looking at it will instantly find your car more appealing than they would have if your car looked dirty and had a strange odor.

Get an extended warranty

An extended car warranty can be a powerful tool for you to cover costly repairs that may come up. This will help mitigate any of the major costs that you will need to put into your car. You can choose different levels of coverage depending on your needs. An extended car warranty can make it possible to get necessary maintenance done quickly. Many include roadside assistance, helping you to get to the nearest car shop as quickly as possible.

Riley Clark is a Content Specialist at Best Company covering car warranty and VoIP. She prides herself on delivering honest, factual, and relevant content to her readers. She goes through books faster than most people go through Netflix seasons and has made it her goal to be outdoors as much as humanly possible.