Is your Saturn extended warranty about to expire? Are you worried about all the things that might go wrong with your Saturn once the current extended warranty has expired? Then you need to look at getting another Saturn extended warranty! Don’t wait until it has expired to get a new warranty or vehicle protection plan. Now is the time to find a plan and lock it in. 

Why You Should Consider a Saturn Extended Warranty

Saturn reliability was decent at best when the cars were new. Now that the newest Saturn on the road is close to 10 years old, there are plenty of problems to be found. According to, the three worst reported problems for Saturn vehicles are:

Transmission Failure, 2003 Vue

  • Average Cost to Fix: $3,500
  • Average Mileage: 107,000 miles

Transmission Failure, 2008 Vue

  • Average Cost to Fix: $3,400
  • Average Mileage: 90,000 miles

Transmission Went Out, 2008 Outlook

  • Average Cost to Fix: $4,000
  • Average Mileage: 85,000 miles

Older Saturn cars clearly have transmission issues and these issues are occurring when many drivers may not have an extended vehicle warranty in place to help cover the costs of repair. Do a little more research and you will find that there are plenty of engine problems with Saturn cars, along with countless other costly concerns. If you are driving a Saturn and have not paid for a major repair yet, it is very likely you will soon. Do a Google search on the specific model and year of your Saturn and see what kind of repairs you may have to deal with in the near future. 

Don’t worry too much though! If you plan to keep driving your Saturn, just be sure to replace your expiring Saturn extended warranty with a new extended warranty or vehicle protection plan. Doing so can provide you with peace of mind and will likely save you money and worry in the long run!  When your Saturn inevitably breaks down, you will know that you have help paying for the repairs your Saturn needs. 

Saturn Vehicle Protection Plan from autopom!

When you are ready to learn more about the options for replacing your expiring (or expired) Saturn extended vehicle warranty, start by checking out what autopom! can offer. A Saturn Vehicle Protection Plan from autopom! can often pay for itself with just one large repair bill. Contact us today!