When your car breaks down, is one of your first thoughts “How will I get anywhere without my car?” I know it’s mine! I have places to be and things to do! The unfortunate reality is, that if your car needs to be in the repair shop or at the dealer for a full day or more, you will likely need to borrow a car or rent one. Although renting is an excellent solution, it also means more money to spend on top of the money you’re already putting into vehicle repairs.

6 Must-Know Rental Car Tips

However, there are things you can do to make renting a car less expensive. Here are 6 rental car tips guaranteed to save you money:

  1. Look for coupons. No matter how quickly you need a rental car, take five minutes and search for coupon codes and deals. These codes and deals could save you a few dollars, or as much as 50% off your whole rental
  2. Ask about discounts. Even if you find a coupon code or deal, still ask about discounts at the rental counter. There may be AAA, senior, corporate, or other discounts. Also, if you have any frequent flyer memberships, mention those and you may be able to earn miles on your car rental!
  3. Compare prices online. Don’t just check the rental company’s website! There are many sites like Priceline.com and Kayak.com that let you compare prices from multiple car rental companies, allowing you to find the best price available.
  4. Do not prepay for gas. You will usually pay more than you need to by prepaying for gas. Just be sure to fill up to where it was when you got the car, or you will definitely overpay!
  5. Choose an economy car. Economy cars should cost the least, so pick those or at least the smallest size that will fit your needs. Each increase in size means a noticeable increase in price. Plus, if you can make an economy car work, there is a good chance there will not be one available (due to the popularity of the cheapest option), and you may get an upgrade for free!
  6. Have an extended vehicle warranty. Has your manufacturer’s warranty expired, or will it expire soon? Then I suggest you buy an extended auto warranty or vehicle protection plan. Not only will a plan like this cover much of the cost of vehicle repairs, but many plans include rental reimbursement coverage! That’s right, you can get a rental car while your car is in the shop, and get reimbursed for at least some of the cost! Wouldn’t that give you peace of mind?

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