Filing a Mercury Insurance Claim

Does your vehicle need repair? The first step is to choose a licensed repair facility and then take your vehicle to it. Then you show your contract/policy to the service department. They will call a Mercury Insurance claims administrator to receive repair authorization for all your covered repairs. Mercury Insurance claims payments go directly to the repair facility via our corporate credit card.


Repairs may be completed at any licensed repair facility in the United States or Canada.


American Mercury Insurance Company will supply a national credit card number to the repair shop for payment of all authorized repair costs.


There is no limit on the number of times you can use your Protection Plan.


(800) 654-8455

Mercury Insurance claims adjusters are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

Claims Procedure:

  1. Take your vehicle to a licensed service facility in the United States or Canada.
  2. Give the service manager your Mechanical Breakdown Protection Plan information.
  3. The service manager will determine the necessary repairs and should call the Plan Administrator to obtain a repair authorization number before any repairs are made.
  4. After repairs are completed, the service facility will ask you to authorize the repair order with your signature. He will then fax the authorized repair order to the Plan Administrator.
  5. The Plan Administrator will pay the service facility via corporate credit card.
  6. If applicable, you pay only your deductible.

Do I have to go back to my original dealer for repairs?

The choice is yours. You can take your vehicle to any licensed repair facility you choose in the US and Canada.

What if I’m not near my home when my vehicle breaks down?

You can take your vehicle to any licensed repair facility throughout the United States and Canada. Our claims department can be reached through our toll-free telephone number 800-654-8455 M-F 8am-7pm, Sat 8am – 2:00pm Central time.

What if I break down after hours?

Customers unable to get prior authorization before the repairs can be completed can, at their own discretion, have the repairs completed at their own expense and will be reimbursed for all covered components. They must report the emergency repairs to the claims department on the first normal business day following the emergency.

How much is my deductible?

The deductible varies depending upon the plan and program quoted. Lower deductibles are available for a small charge. To determine the deductible options, simply use our FREE state-of-the-art online quoting system.

Is the deductible per repair or per visit?

Your deductible (if any) is applied per repair visit…so, if you have 3 different components repaired during one visit to the repair facility, you will incur only one deductible.

What happens if my repair facility or dealership does not want to accept your plan?

Once the repair is authorized and completed, we pay the repair facility/dealership immediately by credit card. Repair facilities and dealerships are generally eager to accept the business we refer to them. In the rare event that a dealer does not accept our payment and you have to pay out of pocket, you will be reimbursed once you send in documentation of payment for the authorized repairs.

Can I do my own repairs?

No. Repairs must be performed at a Licensed Repair Facility.

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