The Jeep Gladiator stands out in the pickup truck crowd. It marries the go-anywhere spirit of the iconic Wrangler with the utility of a pickup bed, promising adventure and practicality. But as with any vehicle, a big question looms: Is it built to last? Concerns about Jeep Gladiator reliability, especially when buying used, might give potential buyers pause.

Before investing your hard-earned money in this truck, explore its track record, common problems, maintenance needs, and how it stacks up against rivals. 

What Does the Data Say About Jeep Gladiator Reliability?

The reliability picture for the Jeep Gladiator is somewhat murky. Sources like Consumer Reports and J.D. Power consistently give the Gladiator a lower-than-average rating because of its lack of reliability and overall performance. Consumer Reports uses historical data and owner surveys to estimate how likely a vehicle model is to experience problems, while J.D. Power uses separate studies.

Because of data collection methods, Consumer Reports can be slightly biased, whereas J.D. Power takes a more analytical approach. Initial quality studies from J.D. Power examine reported problems within the first 90 days of ownership, and Dependability reports focus on 3-year-old vehicles to reveal deeper issues.

While both organizations’ rating systems provide an adequate picture of reliability, buyers must consider bias and nuance when considering ratings and data. Still, despite its fiercely loyal and protective consumer base, the Jeep brand has a mixed reputation for reliability and quality — landing in 15th place out of 32 car brands for reliability on RepairPal.

Common Jeep Gladiator Issues

Regarding Jeep Gladiator reliability, a closer look at common issues can help buyers understand why it receives lower-than-average ratings. First, the Gladiator carries on a tradition of Jeep quirks and electrical gremlins. The vehicle’s infotainment system is a common pain point among owners, with reports of freezing, shotty Bluetooth connectivity, and random system crashes. Some owners also report issues with power windows, keyless entry, and nuisance warning lights.

Owners of the Jeep Gladiator with a diesel engine report several fuel system woes, from clogged filters to failing injectors that lead to power loss. Some owners report turbocharger issues that result in whistling noises and a lack of expected boost. Any of these issues can lead to costly repairs. Thankfully, Jeep circumvented many of these challenges through recalls.

Finally, some Gladiator model years, such as 2021, experience the terrifying death wobble — a phenomenon of violent shaking in the steering wheel most common in vehicles with solid front axle suspension. While the issue does not affect all Gladiator model years, it remains a lingering problem for the Jeep brand.

Are Jeep Gladiators High Maintenance?

What you need to know about Jeep Gladiator reliabiliy.

While Jeep Gladiator reliability is in the middle of the pack, it is not the least reliable pickup truck in the market. The mid-level rating can suggest that owners face more frequent repairs or unscheduled maintenance compared to rival brands, but reliability is often more nuanced and depends on driving style and vehicle upkeep.

Regarding routine maintenance, like oil changes, tire rotations, fluid checks, and other standard necessities, the Gladiator is relatively in line with other midsize trucks. The higher maintenance costs usually stem from more serious electrical, engine, or transmission issues that are less frequent. Still, the major work can get expensive, especially when not covered by a previous recall.

Jeep Gladiators typically demand more attention and face more significant repair risks than other, more reliable trucks in the industry. Whether a buyer classifies that as “high maintenance” is subjective, likely dependent on individual tolerances and the perceived value placed on the brand.

Are New Jeep Gladiators Reliable?

It is too early to say whether newer Jeep Gladiators are more reliable than past models. The modern Jeep Gladiator is in its first generation, with generations typically lasting five to ten years. While the original Jeep pickup appeared in 1962, the modern Gladiator didn’t appear until 2019 as a 2020 model, so there is still insufficient data on the reliability of current 2024 models.

Still, buyers can be hopeful. Jeep addressed common complaints with updates in recent models, and owners suggested improvements in areas like the infotainment system. It’s also necessary to explain that many notable issues are often corrected after initial production runs, meaning the years following the release of the 2020 Gladiator likely don’t suffer from the same problems.

Overall, newer Jeep Gladiator reliability ratings will likely surpass the original model, but only time will tell. Until there is enough data, buyers can purchase extended warranties and vehicle protection plans to protect them against unforeseen issues.

Do Jeep Gladiators Hold Their Value Like Wranglers?

Does the Jeep Gladiator have common issues to be aware of?

Jeep Wranglers have an almost legendary reputation for resale value, often depreciating much less than other vehicles over time. The near-mythical status of Wranglers is likely due to the vehicle’s enduring popularity, strong brand image, and overwhelming consumer loyalty.

While the Jeep Gladiator benefits from the Jeep Brand’s overall appeal and prowess, it is still a relatively young and niche vehicle in the market. Because of its youth and unique build, the Gladiator tends to hold its value but not to the same degree as the Wrangler.

As with any vehicle, many factors contribute to its resale value, including mileage, condition, options, and market demand. Currently, the market demand for Wranglers exceeds that for Gladiators, but that may change with time. Still, if the Gladiator is to accomplish the same standing as the Wrangler, it must continue to address and reduce reliability concerns in future generations.

How Can Vehicle Protection Plan Can Improve Jeep Gladiator Reliability?

So, are Jeep Gladiators reliable and are they worth buying? The answer depends on the model and its history. In general, Jeep Gladiator reliability is not ideal, but some models, especially those with maintenance records and clean histories, can hold their value. The best any buyer can do, especially when buying a used car, is to protect their interests. A vehicle protection plan from autopom! helps protect your purchase after the initial warranty expires. Check out our plans to learn more.