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Is a Honda Extended Warranty Worth it?

Hondas are known for being some of the safest, most reliable vehicles on the market. If this is the case, why would you want or need a Honda extended warranty? Despite its solid reputation, Honda does not make perfect cars. Googling “Common Honda problems” will give you millions of results from fellow Honda owners wondering if Honda really is the most reliable brand or not.

The good news is that yes, Honda has been rated the #1, most reliable car brand by multiple sites such as RepairPal. That said, it doesn’t mean they are immune from problems. Here are some commonly reported issues for various models:

  • Vibration, Roughness, Rattle due to bad Engine Mounts on Honda Civic.
  • Honda Accord Door Lock Actuators fail; doors will not lock, stay locked, or lock themselves.
  • AC blowing warm air on Honda CR-V.
  • Honda Odyssey electric sliding doors issues.

Unfortunately, every vehicle can have problems, and over time, these repairs can add up. So unless you have a Honda extended warranty, you’ll end up paying for these repairs out of pocket.

Average Honda Repair Estimates

Taking another look at RepairPal, here are some additional costs to consider when it comes to paying for Honda repairs without an extended warranty:

Model Repair/Replacement Estimated Repair Cost*
Honda Civic Timing Chain $839 – $979
Honda Accord Blower Motor $250 – 277
Honda CR-V Window Regulator $323 – $564
Honda Element AC Condenser Fan Motor $269 – $503
Honda Insight Oil Pan Gasket $622 – $770
Honda Pilot Power Steering Hose $345 – $380
Honda Ridgeline Fuel Injector $628 – $862

Hondas might be known as reliable vehicles, but these expensive repairs can happen to anyone. While you might be tempted to wait until your current warranty expires before you extend your coverage, did you know that you will typically have better options with lower prices by getting a Honda extended warranty ahead of time?

Where Should I Get a Honda Warranty? The Dealership?

You typically have two options when shopping for coverage: the dealership or a third-party provider.

When purchasing from Honda, you’ll be looking at the various Honda Care options depending on what is available for your vehicle. Honda Care has four plans to choose from: New Vehicle, Pre-Owned Vehicle, Certified Additional Coverage, and Powertrain Coverage (for Pre-Owned Vehicles Only).

While purchasing from the manufacturer might be your go-to option, here are some benefits you’ll get if you choose to shop from a third-party provider:

1. No Interest Payment Plans

Typically when getting protection from the dealership you’ll end up combining the cost of your Honda extended warranty with your car payment. While this seems to only add a small amount to your car payment, the overall cost and additional interest can really add up over time. Shopping a third-party company, such as autopom!, allows you to pay for your coverage without that added interest.

2. Flexible Plan Choices

As easy as it would be to only offer a few plans, we know that everyone is unique and what they want in a Honda extended warranty could be different. At autopom! you can work with a coverage consultant to find a vehicle protection plan that fits you.
Whether you’re just looking for a few months of full coverage or you need an additional 100,000 miles of powertrain coverage, our specialists will ask you what you’re looking for and help you get coverage that suits you and your driving habits.

3. Choose Your Repair Shop

With a third-party coverage plan, you’re not stuck only going to the dealership. You can choose to take your vehicle to any ASE cerfied repair facility nationwide. To help our customers out, we’ve also partnered with RepairPal’s network of trusted shops. Find a RepairPal certified shop by going to

*Data from

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