GMC is a classic American car company that has many avid fans. It has been in business since 1902, so GMC must be doing something right. And while they make many great vehicles, GMC is far from perfect. If you are looking to buy a GMC or already own one, you may be wondering whether GMC repairs are expensive.

The Cost of GMC Repairs

According to the latest Consumer Reports study on maintenance and repair costs for all the vehicle manufacturers in the U.S., all brands have increased costs once their warranty and/or maintenance-free periods end. The study looks at average annual maintenance and repair costs at year three and year 10 for each brand. According to this study, GMC fared pretty well for year three (2014 models) with costs on the lower end of the list. However, GMC only ranked decently for year 10 (2007 models), landing right in the middle of the list with an average of $520. That average means that many, many GMC owners paid more than $520 – so a GMC extended warranty could probably pay for itself before you know it.

The Consumer Reports study really only gives a small glimpse into the picture of repair costs for GMC vehicles. RepairPal, which looks at many different model years, tells us that the average annual repair costs for all GMC vehicles and model years are $747. They note that this cost is above average for vehicle brands and that GMC vehicles have a 14% probability of having their repairs be severe! Look for your model and year at RepairPal and see what repair costs you might expect. is another good website to check out and learn more about repair costs for your GMC. Right now, notes that the top three worst reported problems for all GMC models and years are all for transmission failure – with an average repair cost ranging from $2,900 to $3,700. Whoa! Can you imagine having to spend that much money at one time on your GMC?

How a GMW Extended Warranty Could Help

If you are worried about how you would pay for a transmission repair bill, or any other large repair bill, have you considered replacing your expiring (or expired) GMC warranty with an extended vehicle warranty or vehicle protection plan? A GMC extended warranty could be a lifesaver in the face of a major breakdown and/or expensive repair bill. It would likely cover the cost of your repairs (after a deductible) and could even help you with roadside assistance or a rental car!

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