Is your manufacturer’s original warranty expiring? Consider purchasing a General Motors Extended Warranty or a vehicle protection plan from autopom!

pickup out in the blowing prairie grassesGeneral Motors’ (GM) history in the U.S. runs deep and long…more than 100 years. Think back on the history of American culture, and ChevyBuick, and Cadillac can all be seen throughout it. In spite of all the ups and downs over the years, the GM portfolio of brands continues to have some of the best selling cars, trucks and SUVs in the U.S.  Japanese and European manufacturers have seen great success in the U.S. and have increased competition for GM, but GM brands continue to have loyal fans that will only drive a GM vehicle. GM is keeping up with its competition by continuing to innovate, and by consistently producing vehicles that Americans want to drive. On top of all of this, many GM vehicles are known to last for a very long time and a majority of government-issued vehicles are from GM.

So if GM sells such well-made and beloved vehicles, do you really need a General Motors Extended Warranty or a vehicle protection plan from Autopom? Only you can answer that for sure, but it is certainly worth considering extended protection for your GM vehicle. One glaring example of how unreliable GM vehicles (or any vehicles for that matter!) can be is the recall of 29 million GM vehicles in North America that occurred in 2014! That’s right, 29 million. These recalls affected Chevrolet, Buick, and Cadillac.

On another note, simply Google the make and model of your GM vehicle with the word “problems” added, and you are bound to find plenty of complaints and concerns. For example, has given the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze its “Beware of the Clunker” badge due to an unusually high number of complaints about coolant leaks, transmission problems, and throttle lag; and many of these problems are being reported as early as 15,000 miles! Transmission problems can be very costly, especially if you need to replace a transmission, so a GM Extended Car Warranty or a vehicle protection plan from autopom! could pay for itself with one repair in that case.

If you are buying a new or used GM vehicle, or have already done so, be sure to research your year, make and model to see what the common problems are and how much they may cost to fix. Looking at that information may convince you that a GM extended car warranty from the dealership or vehicle protection plan from autopom! for your new or used GM is a must.

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