Trying to decide between the F150 or the Ranger? Or maybe you’re considering between the Edge and Explorer? Regardless if you’re looking for a car, truck, or SUV, Ford has created a line of unique and highly-rated vehicles. Even so, are you concerned buying a Ford might not be the best when it comes to repairs?

Many people take both the reliability rating and repair costs into consideration before purchasing a vehicle, and you’re no different. I think we can all agree that dealing with car repairs is not on our list of fun things to do! However, they are a fact of life, which is why learning the facts about your new vehicle is where we come in handy.

So, Are Ford Repairs More Expensive?

In Consumer Reports’ latest automotive reliability ratings, Ford was the highest-ranked American-made brand. However, while it was the best-ranked American-made vehicle, it was still in the bottom half of the rankings list, at number 18 of 29. Ouch! That stings a little, doesn’t it? Lower reliability usually means you’ll be spending more time, and consequently, more money, on repairs.

Taking a look at Repair Pal’s website, they rate Ford’s reliability as 3.5 out 5 stars. However, Ford is ranked 20th on their list of 32 brands, putting Ford in the bottom half of this list too.

While people don’t generally think of Ford repairs as being expensive, their costs do seem to be higher than average.

Additionally, RepairPal reports the average annual Ford repair cost is $775, which is higher than the $652 average across all vehicles. These costs include both scheduled maintenance and unexpected breakdowns.

So, while people don’t generally think of Ford repairs as being expensive, their overall costs are higher than average.

To take a closer look model-by-model, we’ve put together the below chart so you can get a quick idea of the potential cost you could be facing.

Ford Model

Average Annual Ford Maintenance Cost*

Ford Fusion


Ford Escape


Ford Edge


Ford Ranger


Ford Mustang


Ford Explorer


Ford F-150


Ford Expedition


Protecting Your Ford

With that in mind, Ford is continuously striving to bring new cutting-edge features and technology to their vehicles, as well as creating new ways to bring repair costs down to make their customers happy. Here are a few ways they’re doing so:

  • Sub-Assembly of Components – Components are being broken into various sub-assemblies to reduce repair costs. That way if something small is damaged, rather than having to replace an entire unit you can just replace the small part that is broken.
  • Competitive Parts Pricing – Ford states that spare parts of their various vehicles cost the least when compared to their respective rival brands and models.

So, the Bottom Line?

Despite the above-average costs, Ford is one of the highest-sold vehicle types on the market. Since its release in 1948, the F-series line of pickup trucks is continuously at the top of charts. In particular, the F-150 has been one of the best-selling vehicles on the market for many years.

And while they may not be getting 5-stars on reliability, Americans just seem to love Ford.

So, if you really want that F-150, Mustang, or Fusion, and are concerned about the extra expenses, why not consider an extended warranty? Ford repairs can be unexpectedly expensive and having an extended protection plan will help protect you (and your wallet)! If you have not yet bought an extended vehicle warranty or vehicle protection plan to replace your Ford warranty, then I urge to look into one. A Ford extended warranty or vehicle protection plan will help protect you and your Ford once the Ford warranty has expired.

In fact, a coverage plan could potentially pay for itself in just one expensive repair bill. Then it’s a win-win situation! You can get that vehicle you’ve been eyeing and have automotive peace-of-mind.

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