Ah, Volvo. The car you buy when you want to be safe on the road. For many, Volvo means safety. And with good reason. Since its founding, Volvo has consistently earned great safety ratings for many of its models. Most Volvo models have earned perfect, or near-perfect, safety ratings from U.S. News & World Report as well as Top Safety Pick+ from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Volvos are also known to last a long time, which means you’ll likely be driving your Volvo for years to come, even after the original Volvo warranty has expired. But have you thought about what you’re going to do once you have an expired Volvo warranty?

Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Volvo Warranty Expire

We recommend an extended vehicle warranty or vehicle protection plan. Before you dismiss the idea, let’s think about the three dangers of an expired Volvo warranty. 

  1. Something goes wrong with your Volvo, the repair bill is $500, $1,000, or more…and you cannot afford to pay the bill! According to an economic well-being report released by the Fed in May 2019, 27% of Americans would have to borrow or sell something to cover an unexpected expense of $400 or more, and 12% would not be able to cover it at all! That’s alarming. How prepared are you to pay for an expensive vehicle repair?
  2. Your Volvo breaks down on the road and you need to get it to a repair shop…and you cannot afford to pay for a pricey tow truck! Your Volvo warranty may have included towing, but if you have an expired Volvo warranty, that benefit is likely gone. When your Volvo breaks down, you need to get it somewhere to be fixed, so you may have to use a credit card or borrow money to pay for towing. 
  3. You won’t have automotive peace of mind…which could mean unnecessary stress. Once your Volvo warranty has expired, you may find yourself constantly watching for the check engine light or listening for strange sounds coming from beneath the hood. Driving will no longer be worry-free, but stressful!

How autopom! Can Help

Avoiding these dangers is easy to do – get an extended Volvo warranty or vehicle protection plan! These plans are meant to provide extended coverage for your Volvo once the original warranty has expired. They pay for most repairs on your vehicle (after a deductible); meaning you aren’t stuck with an expensive bill that you can’t afford. Even better, many vehicle protection plans offer roadside assistance as an included benefit! Your vehicle could be towed to the repair shop of your choosing for no additional cost. Once it’s there, you’ll feel better knowing you can afford to have your car fixed. Finally, having an extended vehicle warranty or vehicle protection plan can provide you with automotive peace of mind. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that you have coverage for vehicle repairs and tow truck service at no extra cost? 

What are you waiting for? Replace your expired Volvo warranty today! Check out at least a few companies and request multiple quotes. There are many options available, so you want to find good value and a plan that suits your budget and needs. autopom! would welcome the chance to provide you with a quote. Contact us today!