What’s the first thing you think of when someone says Honda? I bet a lot of you think of reliability! Honda has long been known for reliability. However, even Hondas break down and need repairs from time to time! Driving with an expired Honda warranty? Do you have a Honda extended warranty? If not, then you can be sure you’ll be paying for that next repair bill.

Are you ready to pay a bill that’s several hundred dollars or more? Statistics show that most people probably aren’t, meaning that repair will either go on your credit card or you may hold off on getting it done. That’s where an extended vehicle warranty or vehicle protection plan can help!

What is a Honda Extended Warranty?

An extended auto warranty or vehicle protection plan is something you buy to replace your expired Honda warranty so that you can continue to have coverage on your vehicle when things go wrong. Although most people call it an extended vehicle warranty, only an authorized dealer selling a plan that is backed by the manufacturer can sell a true Honda extended warranty. Anything else is considered a vehicle protection plan and is provided by an independent, third-party provider, even when sold by the dealership. However, both types of contracts serve the same main function – to provide coverage for the costs of most repairs (after a deductible), which keeps you from depleting your savings, adding to your credit card debt, or skipping needed repairs!

One exception to the above is in California. When offered by a third-party (other than a dealership), the coverage is sold by licensed agents as mechanical breakdown insurance.

Saving money on repairs is important, but what happens when your car breaks down and it’s not drivable? A Honda extended warranty or vehicle protection plan often includes roadside assistance that can get your Honda towed to the repair shop. Even better, if your Honda will take a few days to repair, many plans also offer rental car assistance! The best plans offer many added features and benefits that can make your life easier, save you money, and give you automotive peace of mind! 

How autopom! Can Help

Are you getting the picture? Replacing your expired Honda warranty with a Honda extended warranty or vehicle protection plan can be a wonderful thing! Once you decide to explore extended protection for your Honda, research your options and get several quotes! There are many types of companies, coverage, and prices,  so you want to find the one that works best for you. I invite you to start by talking to autopom! We sell vehicle protection plans that may pay for themselves with a single repair bill. Benefits include roadside assistance, rental vehicle assistance, and nationwide breakdown coverage. Contact us today!