Is your manufacturer’s warranty about to expire, or has it already? Are you prepared to cover the cost of major engine repair without that warranty coverage as a buffer? Discover the benefits of a vehicle protection plan that can protect your budget from expenses ranging into the thousands! Vehicle protection plans typically offer coverage for the cost for a wide variety of vehicle repairs AND coverage lasts after the original manufacturer’s warranty expires.

autopom! would welcome the opportunity to provide you with more information on vehicle protection plans and a free quote. autopom! has offered vehicle protection plans for many years and is proud to offer protection products from the most reliable and trustworthy names in the industry. autopom! is thrilled to provide our customers a protection option with excellent service from a company that’s changing the way people think about their cars – Owner Essentials from EFG Companies.

EFG is the fourth provider that autopom! currently represents. We believe these four consumer protection providers better serve our customers and provide them with more choices.

So why EFG?

The Benefits of EFG

First, for more than 40 years, EFG continues to provide nationally award-winning customer service and fully honors its contracts’ terms.

  • 96% of all claims are paid by corporate credit card within one hour of receipt of invoice
  • Their average speed to answer claims calls is 24 seconds
  • 63% of their total claims are one-call claims.
  • Their average claims call handle time benchmarks at less than 5 minutes.

EFG’s claims adjusters average 12 years of experience, which means they can speak knowledgeably with your mechanic to ensure repairs are done right the first time. All of this speaks to EFG’s dedication to promoting a positive overall customer experience.

Second, Owner Essentials from EFG is a protection plan for customers to protect their second-largest investment and most important piece of technology, their car. This consumer protection product offering represents one of the broadest ranges of vehicle protection plans available by providing consumers coverage options ranging from a basic limited powertrain protection plan to exclusionary coverage.

What’s exclusionary coverage you ask? Exclusionary coverage most closely mirrors the manufacturer’s warranty when the car is new, with the exception of normal maintenance, trim and wearable items.  With so many options available, Owner Essentials likely has the right protection to fit your lifestyle and your budget!

Customer Testimonials

Third, consumers love EFG’s vehicle protection plans. You can check out their Google reviews for yourself, but here are just a few to give you the idea:

Alex E.: “My trucks front suspension gave out. I took it to the shop and they told me what needed to be done. I contacted EFG and started a claim. A week later my truck was finished. EFG approved the claim with no problems. I am very satisfied with their service.”

Justin & Lauren Baldwin: “This has been the first service contract/extended warranty that I’ve purchased since I had always bought new cars.  We were purchasing an older model (over 6 years old when we bought it) luxury vehicle with unbelievably low miles but my husband insisted we opt in for the extended coverage.  The top tier option was reasonably priced and covered a lengthy list of repairs. I am EXTREMELY thankful for this coverage. While I love my vehicle, it’s getting older and things just aren’t what they used to be.  We’ve had to use this coverage at least 4 times and repairs were swift and seamless. When I picked my car up at the dealer today, the service advisor said: ‘you have amazing coverage with that contract.’ I suggested to him if that’s not the company his dealership is using, they should switch.  I highly recommend EFG Companies and I’m very thankful we chose to take out that coverage!!”

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