Challenger owners…is your Dodge Challenger warranty expiring? Or has it already expired? Then keep reading to learn why you should think about getting an extended vehicle warranty or vehicle protection plan.

The Dodge Challenger is one of the original American muscle cars, having first been launched in 1969. The current generation of Challengers is the third generation and has been manufactured since 2005. Despite its long history, the Challenger has certainly seen plenty of issues. The Dodge brand as a whole is not considered very reliable. For example,  the J.D. Power 2019 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study lists Dodge as fourth from the bottom of the list, making it one of the least reliable brands.

The Cost of Dodge Challenger Repairs

Talking specifically about the Challenger, it has a $650 average annual repair cost according to RepairPal, which is well above average. The Challenger is also known for some common issues that tend to occur once the Dodge warranty has expired. Some of those common repairs and their costs are listed below:

  • A/C Condenser Replacement – $512 – $589>
  • Fuel Pump Replacement – $583 – $650
  • Suspension Shock or Strut Replacement – $893 – $912

These repairs are expensive! Can you imagine if multiple things went wrong at once? Can you afford to pay a repair bill like that? Many people cannot and will resort to using credit cards or borrowing money. But there is another option!

You can replace your expiring (or expired) Dodge Challenger warranty* with an extended vehicle warranty or vehicle protection plan. Getting extended protection could save you money, worry, and stress when you get that next pricey repair bill.

How autopom! Can Help

An extended vehicle warranty or vehicle protection plan is designed to help pay for the costs of repairing your vehicle when something goes wrong. Many of the best plans also include added features and benefits that make replacing your expiring (or expired) Dodge warranty an even easier decision.

Once you’re ready to look for an extended vehicle warranty or vehicle protection plan, start calling or emailing around to learn about your options! The types of coverage and the prices of them vary greatly, so make sure you find the plan that suits your needs and budget! autopom! would be thrilled to be the first stop in your hunt. To learn more about our plans and benefits, contact us for your free quote today!