If your vehicle is out on the road, by law it needs to be covered by some form of auto insurance. Despite this, only 1 in 8 drivers opt to have car insurance, arguing that it isn’t really necessary. Is this the truth?

Aside from following the law and saving on steep legal fines, there are several other reasons as to why you should invest in insurance for your new or used car.

Protect Your Wallet

Mistakes happen. The average cost of a car accident is roughly $9,300. Do you have $10,000 readily available to pay for a new vehicle, legal fees, or medical bills? If not, you’ll end up in debt and potentially legal hot water. On the other hand, with car insurance, you can pay a premium that is as low as $560 in some states. Paying a little bit now can save you from paying a lot more down the road.

Find Peace of Mind

You know you’re a safe driver, but what about the drivers around you? You can’t control whether someone’s texting behind the wheel, speeding through a red light, or coasting through a stop sign. Even if an accident isn’t your fault, without car insurance you’ll be left paying the bill. If your car is totaled, you could be left without a vehicle. Give yourself peace of mind the next time you hit the road and know that you have some sort of protection against other drivers out there.

Have a Team at Your Side

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you know that there’s more involved than simply taking the name, insurance, and license of the other party. You need to file a claim, file a report, and find a repair shop that can help you get back on the road and back to work or school. What if the other driver isn’t insured? Then what do you do?

There are a lot of steps that need to be taken and a lot of answers that need to be addressed following an accident. Don’t go it alone. Having a quality insurance team by your side can help you file claims, find repair shops, and get the money you’re due.

Save on Health Insurance

Health insurance is an expense that everyone worries about. What if you get into a car accident and your health insurance doesn’t pay for a medical bill because you don’t have car insurance? This has happened. Some car insurance plans can help cover injuries or medical care following an accident. From dental care to funeral costs, car insurance will help pay for more than just a new set of wheels.

If you’re driving with other passengers, some car insurance plans also cover their hospital, doctor, and surgery expenses. You can rest assured that even your loved ones are protected.

Worried About the Cost of Car Insurance?

Car insurance isn’t as expensive as you think. Over at Carsurance.net, they’ve put together a detailed infographic on the real costs of car insurance broken down by state, gender, age, and vehicle. The report even gives you tips on saving money on insurance, from bundling to increasing your credit score.

Is Car Insurance Enough? Don’t Forget To Consider an Extended Vehicle Warranty

While car insurance will protect you against accidents, an extended vehicle warranty or vehicle protection plan will help protect you against the expense of unplanned mechanical or electrical breakdown that all cars come to face over time. As a result, you’re much more likely to use your vehicle protection plan rather than your car insurance. Everyone experiences an engine issue once in a while, but thankfully not every driver is involved in a highway accident.

If you do have car insurance, your coverage (and peace-of-mind) is incomplete without mechanical and electrical breakdown coverage. We encourage you to contact autopom! today to learn more about the extended vehicle warranty alternatives we have available.

Don’t head out on the road without protection against its dangers. Contact us to learn how we can help you find automotive peace of mind.