Lower prices can be tempting, but is choosing used Cadillac parts worth the savings in the long-run?

Cadillac owners are loyal – obsessive even – when it comes to brand allegiance. And who could blame them? We all enjoy the look and feel of luxury, right? But, it does come at a price. Even if you are a handyman, or know someone who is, repairing those fine automobiles can suck your bank account dry in short order.

Part of what makes Cadillac so appealing are the high-tech gadgets, fun accessories, and amazing performance. But, high-quality parts and lots of “bells and whistles” means there is more that can go wrong. And, as soon as you attach the word “luxury” to anything, you can be guaranteed that it will cost more to repair.

Common Cadillac Parts & Their Prices

Is it worth it? Absolutely! At least that is what Cadillac owners will tell you. But, if you are thinking about trading in your economy car for a Cadillac, you need to be prepared to pay more for repairs and maintenance. Sure, you can go the route of replacing broken parts with used or refurbished ones, but even that can add up quickly.

Don’t believe me? Here are just a few common repairs that Cadillac owners have encountered:

  • Starter: Even used or refurbished, this part can cost as much as $400.
  • Air Conditioning Compressor: As a used part, compressors can run between $150-$400. But, if you need to replace any lines (which you probably will!), the condenser, or the evaporator, your repair can add up to more than $1,200.
  • Steering Column: $275-330, depending on year and model, and whether the part is used or refurbished.
  • Alternator: $135, used or re-manufactured
  • Wiper Motor: $100-$125, used
  • Exhaust Manifold: $72-$135, used
  • Intake Manifold: $200, used or refurbished
  • Radiator: $235, used
  • Water Pump: $135, used
  • Catalytic Converter: $299- $500, used or refurbished, depending on year and model.

As you can see, Cadillac parts are quite expensive, even at the used cost. And then there is the dilemma of deciding if you even want to install a used part in the first place and risk having to repeat the repair all over again in a few months. Even though you may save on the cost of parts, unless you are a mechanic, you will still pay full hourly rates for labor. And, some repairs are quite time-consuming. You have to ask yourself if it is worth saving a few hundred dollars but taking the chance of having to replace the part all over again, especially if it involves 6 or 8 hours of labor.

Granted, if you can do the repairs yourself, then you can save a lot of money; but, if you will be relying on the expertise of a qualified (and highly paid) technician, then the unreliability of used Cadillac parts may be a risk that isn’t worth taking.

At autopom!, we understand that you love your ride and you can’t put a price on love, right? But you can certainly avoid the surprise of an expensive breakdown with a vehicle protection plan for your Cadillac (commonly referred to as Cadillac extended warranties) that will ensure your car is repaired with new parts so you can drive with confidence and peace of mind. Yes, Cadillac can cost more to repair, but with a vehicle protection plan, you will never have to worry about these costs again!