Known as  “the Ultimate Driving Machine,” there are so many reasons to love a BMW, including how great they are to drive and (if bought new) free maintenance for the first three years! However, if those three years are over, your BMW warranty is expired, or you bought a used BMW, repair costs can add up quickly. Whether or not BMW repairs are expensive is one of the most common questions people ask before deciding to buy a BMW.

The Cost of BMW Repairs

Consumer Reports studied maintenance and repair costs across all of the major automotive manufacturers in the U.S. at year three and year 10, and found that “costs can skyrocket when the warranty and free maintenance periods are over.” In this same study, Consumer Reports found that at year 10, BMW had the highest repair and maintenance costs of all the brands! The cost was $1,125, just a little bit ahead of Mercedes’ $1,085 and several hundred dollars ahead of fellow luxury car brand Lexus. An extended vehicle warranty could very likely cover a large portion of these annual costs and pay for itself in a short amount of time!

The German Auto Center website gives a wide range of estimated costs for major and minor BMW repairs. They note that although prices vary greatly based on the model and year, major BMW repairs like the transmission service could cost between $400 and $600, and major repairs can easily cost up to $2,500. What’s more, they directly address the question of whether or not it’s worth paying for a BMW extended warranty. Their responses include many of the same things we say here at autopom!, including rules about reading the fine print and knowing what you’re getting. However, German Auto Center also says, “If you have a need for a major repair, an extended warranty may be a life saver.”

How an Extended Vehicle Warranty Can Help

If you own or are considering owning a BMW, then replacing your expired BMW warranty with a BMW extended warranty may be a great idea. BMW repairs are definitely expensive and can clear out your bank account quickly. Take a look at your savings and budget and consider if you are ready and able to pay for a $1,000+ repair bill. If not, I suggest you consider an extended vehicle warranty.

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