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Mike, Thank you very much! You’re rated highly and I now feel peace of mind! Nice of you to take the time for the welcome too. Have a great weekend, oh and Dacey is also a good and cordial rep too!

Richard W.

Dear Mike… Hi this is Fred your new client. I first want to thank you for the quick turnaround on my gift. I really appreciate you keeping your word and your commitment. There is extreme honor in doing so, and I thank you. I have analyzed over 18 Extended Warranty Companies, spoke to at least a dozen or so people, and asked well over 20 complicated questions designed to weed out their deceptive practices. I am honored and excited to have met Dacey Bashaw. She has not only spent a lot of time with me, but she excelled in my complicated drilling. She is both the consummate professional, extremely knowledgable about your product and is very honest in an arena where that is limited. I want to commend you in leading such an amazing individual. As you know, attitude reflects leadership. So, I commend you both. In addition, I am honored to be part of your clientele, and I know I have made the right decision.

Fred S.

Hi Mike, I just want to let you know that Mark at Auto Lab in Madison Heights MI, that did the electrical work on my car praised your company and said that your company was the most professional warranty company that he has ever dealt with. He also said he was going to recommend your company to his customers. I also appreciate that there was no hassle on fixing my covered repair.

Mark S.

Hi Michelle, Thanks again for being so patient with me in deciding who I chose for an extended warranty company. I’m happy to have signed on with AutoPom!

Gary M.

Not only your professional service but the customer service from Mercury is outstanding. I tell everyone about this insurance that I can. Again, I really do appreciate your help.


We really shopped around for a professional and trusting outfit. Your rep was very friendly and polite. And she was kind enough to laugh at my jokes on the phone. Look forward to using your service with other car purchases.

Trevor & Sunny

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